Pasture Raised!

All Heritage Breed Hogs are Pasture Raised in Ottawa, IL by LaPryor Farms.

Mr. Spanky’s Applewood Smoked Bacon

Our bacon is all natural and made as it was in the Old World!! It is dry cured with salt and sugar. It is then smoked with real applewood and a real fire. All of our bacon is made by hand and sliced thicker than any bacon you have eaten! Our thick slices are like eating a bacon steak, and our flavor is unmatched. It is a bacon for any occasion.

Today's Special

We Are Permanently CLOSED!!!! We are very happy to have served Bridgeport and sincerely appreciate all of our customers and our neighbors. We thank you for all of your support. We are continuing our catering and selling Mr.Spanky’s Bacon and this is now our main focus. It is available for home delivery through Artizone as well as THANK YOU BRIDGEPORT!!! Sincerely, John & Xin Schultz